Patria (En)

A unique renovation project in the city centre of Kortrijk, Belgium.

In 2015, the renovation was completed of the ‘Patria’.
A protected monument on the main square of the city centre of Kortrijk (Belgium).

The building complex was converted into
six luxury apartments, a ‘corner house’ and a commercial area of 460 m2.

The architecture took into account the historical character, but there was also room
for entirely new elements such as a striking copper façade on a part of the building.

Historical elements are also part of the interior.
We find references back to the windows of the churches in the vicinity.
Old and new elements were combined to achieve a sustainable and valuable architecture.

Partners for the realisation of this project were
an exceptionally motivated client and a specialised team of contractors.
The design was drawn by architects Adins-Looveren and Interior architects witblad.

Through intense collaboration the two disciplines managed to deliver a completely new concept.
With respect for history.
And with a bright future for the residents and users of this new architectural pearl in the city.

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